06 Jul 2012


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So, back from With Full Force Festival!

Once again the weather was extreme- terribly hot, but also culminating into a thunderstorm that caused 51 injured people. Apart from that, it was an awesome festival with bands such as Machine Head, Neaera, Dark Funeral, Endstille, Kill Devil Hill, Cannibal Corpse, Immortal, Pro-Pain, Nasum and others.

30 Jun 2012


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Once again we’ve been to Graspop Festival in Belgium. Bands like Europe, Motörhead, Gojira and others were playing. Check out the gallery!

02 Apr 2012

KORN 2012

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Yes, Korn did visit Germany for 2 gigs in 2012. We’ve been at the Stadthalle, Offenbach.

01 Mar 2012

Designer/Illustrator Website

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We’ve just finished a website for Andrea Reitmeyer, a designer/illustrator that is mainly creating children’s books.

Focus was put on a minimalistic template and an easy and intuitive way to check samples in a gallery.

Check it out at www.andreareitmeyer.de

20 Nov 2011

Très Rochas Website

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We just finished the work on a website for the small german publisher Très Rochas.

Easy customization and maintainability was in focus, so WordPress was used, including a shop system based on jigoshop.



20 Oct 2011


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Way Of Darkness was a dream come true for all old-school metal fans. Lots of old heroes such as Darkness, Thanatos, Morgoth, Dying Fetus, Artillery, Sodom, Benediction, Entombed and Destruction as well as Legion Of The Damned, Benighted and others.

18 Sep 2011


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First time on the new ground of Party.San- well, weather was rather awful, strong winds made the stage unusable on the first day, so all bands had to play in a small tent instead. Things went normal the next day- awesome gigs of bands like Primordial, Hail Of Bullets, Watain, Absu, Morgoth, Morbid Angel, Taake, At The Gates and more.

21 Aug 2011


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Wacken 2011 was another highlight of the festival season.

Ozzy Osbourne, Apocalyptica, Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Mayem and lots of other bands made it again a worthwile experience.

20 Jun 2011


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Once again, Graspop Festival in Belgium has been something special. Very relaxed, excellent weather and as usual a great billing (Rob Zombie, Korn, Cradle Of Filth, Triptykon, Opeth etc.). Check the pics in our gallery!

16 Aug 2010


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Yes, we’ve been to W:O:A in 2010 again as well. Check our gallery!

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