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Mainz 2011


Pics taken at Mainz, Terminus in March 2011 (shot by Natalia Kempin)

4 files, last one added on Feb 01, 2012
Album viewed 136 times

Rock in Schroth 2010


Pics taken at the Rock in Schroth Festival 2010/Hasselroth, shot by SLFotoArt and Nina Puth.

28 files, last one added on Sep 05, 2010
Album viewed 187 times

Samfest 2010


Pics taken at Samfest 2010 in Satu Mare, made by various photographers

38 files, last one added on Aug 25, 2010
Album viewed 195 times

SchwerMetal Festival 2010


Pics taken at the SchwerMetal Festival 2009 (Sodom etc.), Gerolzhofen. Pics by Hanna (, Marina Haeussler and

39 files, last one added on Mar 08, 2010
Album viewed 170 times

Darmstadt 2009


Pics taken at the Steinbruch Theatre in Darmstadt, at the 27th December.
Featuring Thilo/Azrael on session guitar during the first part of the show ;)

28 files, last one added on Jan 04, 2010
Album viewed 159 times

Wacken Rocks Seaside 2009


A rainy day at Wacken Seaside 2009... Photos taken by Marina Häussler

15 files, last one added on Sep 07, 2009
Album viewed 91 times

Wacken Rocks South 2009


Photos taken by Claudia Rose at Wacken Rocks South 2009 (feat. lots of cool other bands like Slayer, Edguy, Doro, Stratovarius, In Extremo etc.)

15 files, last one added on Aug 31, 2009
Album viewed 89 times

Brutal Assault 2009


Photos taken by Caroline Traitler/Photopit and Bastien of Thot photography at Brutal Assault Festival 2009. In case you wonder, this was done with session guitarist Thilo Feucht / Azrael as Jan wasn't available on that date.

24 files, last one added on Sep 01, 2009
Album viewed 159 times

Zabbaduschder Festival 2009


Zabbaduschder Festival 2009 was a pure mud-orgy... not to forget the huge traffic jam that day, we arrived last minute and directly had to enter the stage, without being able to re-dress or use our own equipment. Nice experience.

6 files, last one added on Jul 22, 2009
Album viewed 90 times

Celtic Rock 2009


Pics taken at the Celtic Rock Festival, photos by Marina Häussler.

7 files, last one added on Feb 28, 2010
Album viewed 89 times

Samfest 2009


Photos taken at Samfest Festival in Satu Mare/Romania, made by various photographers. Check also the pics in our "backstage" gallery...

39 files, last one added on Jul 15, 2009
Album viewed 155 times

Millery 2009


Pics taken at Millery, France. Shot by GuZul (

10 files, last one added on Jun 01, 2009
Album viewed 86 times

Essen 2009


Pics taken during our mini-tour with Catamenia & Agrypnie at Essen, Zeche Carl, shot by calani / nocturnal hall

41 files, last one added on Feb 05, 2010
Album viewed 163 times

Stuttgart 2009


Pics taken at the Club Zentral, Stuttgart, 28.03.09, by A. Reitmeyer

9 files, last one added on Jul 19, 2009
Album viewed 103 times

Winternachtstraum 2009


Photos taken at the Winternachtstraum-Festival (28.02.09, Axxis, Grave, Burden Of Grief et.), shots made by

14 files, last one added on Mar 03, 2009
Album viewed 111 times

Mainz 2009


Photos taken by Andrea Reitmeyer, at the Kulturcafé, Mainz 20.02.2009

35 files, last one added on Feb 22, 2009
Album viewed 198 times

Sofia 2007


Pics taken at the 20 Years Nuclear Blast Festival in Sofia/Bulgaria. Photos by various photographers.

Ivy Butina of Opalessence (on bass) joined us as temporary replacement, as Till couldn't come with us on that date.

40 files, last one added on Nov 07, 2007
Album viewed 352 times

Darmstadt 2007


Pics taken at the farewell-gig for vocalist/guitarist Akaias.

12 files, last one added on Jun 24, 2007
Album viewed 83 times

Murcia 2006


Pics taken in Murcia, during our tour with Dark Embrace in Spain.

10 files, last one added on May 24, 2007
Album viewed 97 times

Tarragona 2006


Pics taken at Sala Zero / Tarragona in Spain, 16/11/2006.

6 files, last one added on Jan 02, 2007
Album viewed 112 times

Madrid 2006


Pics taken at Madrid, 18th November 2006, at Ritmo&Compas, made by

6 files, last one added on Dec 18, 2006
Album viewed 111 times

Corroios - Portugal 2006


Photos made in Corroios, the 11th November 2006. Provided by Paulo Filipe & Ísis Calió from

25 files, last one added on Dec 04, 2006
Album viewed 137 times

Porto Rio 2006


Pics take at Porto (Porto Rio) in Portugal.
The gig took place on a boat- very strange...

28 files, last one added on Feb 01, 2007
Album viewed 139 times

Precursors Festival 2006


Photos taken at the Precursors Of Eternity Festival 2006 in Austria. A very strange gig, as the PA had several power failures, Frank/Akaias did his best to entertain the people meanwhile with fire breathing... Pics shot by Janine of

9 files, last one added on Sep 27, 2006
Album viewed 119 times

Brutal Assault Festival 2005


Several photos taken at the Brutal Assault Festival (13.08.2005) in Czech.
Photos were taken from various czech websites.

30 files, last one added on Sep 27, 2005
Album viewed 196 times

Vega Rock 2005


Photos taken at the Atarve Vega Rock Festival in Spain, which featured artists like Megadeth, Candlemass, Primal Fear, Anathema and lots of others. Pics taken by Andrea Reitmeyer.

16 files, last one added on Mar 10, 2005
Album viewed 126 times

Winternachtstraum 2005


Photos taken at the Winternachtstraum Festival 2005 (other participating bands were Suidakra, Rage etc.)
Photos taken by Stephan Kunze, used with kind permission.

29 files, last one added on Mar 10, 2005
Album viewed 242 times

Hagen 2005


Photos taken at Hagen, Kultopia. 14. January 2005 if I remember well...

33 files, last one added on Sep 29, 2005
Album viewed 122 times

Neuss 2004


A gig we played near Köln, at the HDJ, 1.10.2004.

14 files, last one added on Sep 22, 2005
Album viewed 118 times

Up From The Ground 2004


Photos taken at the Up From The Ground Festival 2004. Other participating bands were Kataklysm, Naglfar, Malevolent Creation, Graveworm..

8 files, last one added on Dec 01, 2004
Album viewed 138 times

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