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OCCUPATION: Guitarist, Manager, web master/system administrator, freelancer for music magazines
HOBBIES: well, music... movies, photography
FAVE BANDS: Celtic Frost, Alice In Chains, King Diamond, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Queensryche, Autopsy, The Doors, FGTH
FAVE ALBUMS: „South Of Heaven“ by Slayer, "Slow, Deep & Hard" by Type O Negative, "Don't break the oath" by Mercyful Fate, „Abigail“ by King Diamond, "To Mega Therion" by Celtic Frost, „Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son“ by Iron Maiden, „Hellbilly Deluxe“ by Rob Zombie, „Operation Mindcrime“ by Queensryche, „Clandestine“ by Entombed, „Altars Of Madness“ by Morbid Angel, "Mental Funeral" by Autopsy etc.
FAVE SONGS: „Suite Sister Mary“ by Queensryche, „Necromantical Screams“ by Celtic Frost, „My Saviour“ by Samael, "God Of Emptiness" Morbid Angel, "Spill The Blood" Slayer, "Witches Sabbath" Emperor
FIRST ALBUM Peter Schilling - Fehler im System or Dschinghis Khan-Debüt, don't remember...
FAVE GIGS: Overkill 12.2.90 Frankfurt Music Hall, Morbid Angel 13.6.93 Frankfurt Batschkapp, Samael Hanau Schweinehalle Nov.´94, Cradle Of Filth Frankfurt 9.1.94, Candlemass WFF 2002
FAVE MUSICIANS: Kerry King, Xytras, Vorph, Andy La Rocque, King Diamond, Steve Harris, Steve Vai, Steve Stevens
FAVE METAL PERSONALITIES Xytras (Samael), King Diamond, Rob Zombie, David Vincent, Peter Tägtgren
FAVE AGA-SONG: Departure
MOST ENJOYABLE TO PLAY: Past Shadows, Departure, Banner Of Blasphemy
FAVE FOOD: Nr. 173 at Pizza Amore, Mainz
FAVE BOOKS: „The Neverending Story“ Michael Ende, „Uns verbrennt die Nacht“ Craig Kee Strete, „It“ Stephen King, „Kane“ K. E. Wagner, "Die fünf Zeitalter des Universums" etc.
FAVE WRITER: H. P. Lovecraft, R. E. Howard, K. E. Wagner, Clive Barker, Michael Ende, Stephen King
FAVE MOVIES: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dracula (Coppola), The Abyss, Waxwork II, Hellraiser I, Spinal Tap, The Doors, Star Wars & Star Trek Saga, Urotsokidoji, Alien, Conan I etc
FAVE TV SHOWS: The Simpsons & Futurama
FAVE ACTORS: Christopher Walken, Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffmann, Clint Eastwood, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Klaus Kinski, Roger Moore, Alexander Godunov, Tim Curry, Harrison Ford, Oliver Kalkofe
FAVE DIRECTOR: James Cameron, Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ridley Scott, Tim Burton
FAVE MOTTO: Carpe Futurem
EQUIPMENT: B.C.Rich, Jackson & Ibanez Guitars, Boss GT3 Effect Board, Engl 19" Tube Amp 60 W, Marshall Valvestate 100 W Amp, Hughes & Kettner 375 W 4*12, Marshall 4*12, 19" Behringer V-Amp, Tone Works Korg 104ds, Ibanez Stereo Chorus, V-Amp LX-1X.
FAVOURITE CITY TO PLAY IN: Vienna/Austria (Planet Music)
BEST COMPUTER OR CONSOLE GAME: Blood II-The Chosen, Unreal I, Bard's Tale I, Doom.. newer ones? Far Cry, Half-Life 2..
FUTURE PLANS: Enjoy Life as soon as I've got some time..
AMBITIONS IN LIFE: To look back one day and discover that I would live the same life again.

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