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HOBBIES: music, tattoos, celtic reenactment, movies, reading, spiritual stuff
FAVE BANDS: dark fortress, septic flesh, callejon, samael, amon amarth, the agony scene, the black dahlia murder, dragonforce, dissection, god dethroned, gates of ishtar, graveworm, naglfar, bleeding through, catamenia, soilwork, in flames and many, many more...
FAVE ALBUMS: septic flesh - communion, samael - reign of light, dark fortress - eidolon, pantera - cowboys from hell, iron maiden - powerslave, cradle of filth - cruelty and the beast, the black dahlia murder - nocturnal, soilwork - sworn to a great divide and lots of others...
FAVE SONGS: amon amarth - the fate of norns, samael - together, etombed - wolverine blues, kataklysm - as I slither, killswitch engage - rose of sharyn, etc....
FIRST ALBUM witch burning - witch burning
FAVE GIGS: amon amarth, arch enemy & dragonforce - 2007 - schlachthof wiesbaden; Dark Fortress - 2007 - halle2 hanau; bleeding through - 2006 - batschkapp frankfurt; witch burning - 1996 - saarbrücken (they we're the greatest for me when I was young)
FAVE MUSICIANS: jon nödveidt, dime, mikkel sandager, howard jones
FAVE AGA-SONG: tongue of thorns
MOST ENJOYABLE TO PLAY: let's wait till I passed my first shows...
FAVE FOOD: pizza margarita, double cheese and yoghurt, and all kind of hot mexican stuff
FAVE DRINKS: water, absinthe, met, ishque, beer
FAVE BOOKS: the book of norns, fuck machine, azrael, the davinci code, it, shining
FAVE WRITER: stephen king, clive barker, charles bukowski
FAVE MOVIES: old boy, equilibrium, die hard, last boy scout, the big lebowski, the boondock saints, braveheart, hana - bi, vendetta, dagon
FAVE TV SHOWS: the simpsons, futurama, american dad, family guy, drawn together and king of queens
FAVE ACTORS: christian bale, mel gibson, christopher walken, brad pitt, bruce willis, dustin hoffmann, robert de niro, willem dafoe
FAVE DIRECTOR: george lucas, steven spielberg, david lynch, tim burton
FAVE MOTTO: Don't regret things you have done - Regret the things you haven't
EQUIPMENT: a shure mic and a cable...
BEST COMPUTER OR CONSOLE GAME: WOW, GTA, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Vampire
FUTURE PLANS: playin' awesome shows and travel around the whole world
AMBITIONS IN LIFE: stay true to myself and never give up my beliefs

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