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"In Darkness" released

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Finally, IN DARKNESS is released!

In Darkness


Studio Sessions 2013

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Impressions from our studio sessions, pics taken at Kohlekeller Studio.











Studio Diary

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Update: Recordings are going well at the Kohlekeller Studio! Till just laid down the bass tracks for some songs.
Great new tunes will be coming up shortly… well, speaking of shortly: The release date for IN DARKNESS has been set. Mark the 28th of June in your calendar! Repeat: 28.06.2013!
Cover artwork will be revealed soon.

Besides, a new gig has been announced: We’ll headline „Schlachtfest XI“ which will take place in Aurich, Germany. Our first in Gig in this northern part of Germany since Wacken Rocks Seaside in 2009, if we’re not mistaken… of course, we’ll start looking for more gigs shortly. So if you’re a promoter and would like to make an offer we can’t refuse, get in touch! (Through Facebook or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

More news shortly!


12th February:

And so it begins... Recordings have started.



Tour Diary 2012

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Fragments of Death Tour 2012 /w Graveworm, Emergency Gate & Kadavrik – A Diary


Ash: After some rehearsals with Nico it’s finally kick-off day in Mainz. We played Tetris for 30 minutes with this fucking Fiat and are ready to leave. 20 minutes and 2 beers later: Darkness.

Sath: Fetched rental car/van to get to Hamburg. All equipment fits in somehow. Luckily there’s also enough space for us as well. Drawback: I have to drive the whole fucking trip alone, as no co-drivers were allowed.

Day 1:

Ash: Arrival in Hamburg and the first hooker crosses the street: I feel home! The Headcrash club is small and sticky and the shower prepares us for a hard trip. Crowd was ok for Hamburg and the sound was good. Shemale’s askin’ me for ride. Astra beer tastes awesome. Keep in mind: the higher the moonboots the more expensive is the hooker! To the bus. First night ends fast.

Sath: Tour starts funny by trying to find the way to the club after having brought the van to the rental company. Note to myself: Never rely on an iphone as navigation system when the internal GPS is malfunctioning…
First gig was okay and satisfying, but the most anticipated moment was to see the bus arriving, so we could load in our stuff and pick one of the remaining bunks. We met our bus driver Mo, cool guy. Relax.


Day 2:

Ash: Where am I? Ah, we’re touring. The Helvete Club Oberhausen is awesome! Baphomet sends greetings from the wall. Training. Drinking. Drugs. Great crowd. Pretty good sound. Thanks to Contrast for support! Nici and Robert came too! Thanks heavyspace! 2 o’ clock…hungry: Döner at the train station. Afterparty at the club… Darkness again.

Sath: First night on a moving bus is always not very relaxing. Nice club, our first time we play at Helvete. Mario of Emergency Gate delivers a good sound, he acts as sound engineer for Graveworm, Kadavrik and us. Showers are rather creepy, as yesterday already. This will be a familiar feeling for the next days.


Day 3:

Ash: Kerkrade, huh? Ok, let’s do this. Training. Drinking. Wait, is that a Thai massage club on the other side of the street? Great! Aftershow party planned. Show was ok. Crowd seemed to be stoned, so am I, so what! Let’s rock this place!

Sath: Finally, nice catering. Cool club, though the backstage rooms are located in separate buildings. Crowd is a bit lame compared to earlier gigs we had in the Netherlands, but the gig itself turns out to be quite good. We have to leave early, so no aftershow party!


Day 4:

Ash: Thanks Mo, you brought us to Berlin. Well, I kind of love and hate this city…whatever. K17 is a good club. Heading backstage. Strange, fat, half-naked Canadians salute me…wtf?! Awesome show with awesome people! Getting more in contact with Stefano and Martin of Graveworm and heading to the best Döner in the fucking world! Beer…beer…PARTYBUS! – Darkness!

Sath: Finally, K17, was looking forward to play this venue. Interesting backstage situation once again. Showers are found in another building, where some other bands are located that had their gig cancelled the day before. Gig sucks, my guitar sender fails during the last song. Empty batteries already after 2 shows, battery indicator sucks…


Day 5:

Ash: We reached Vienna. Small club. Bad showers. Sathonys and I decide to go to the Wellness club on the other side of the street…where’s the entrance? Only a door bell? Let’s check google: gay sauna club! OK, maybe later. Drinking. Party. Alexandra came all the way from Romania?! Wow! Partybus!!!

Sath: Shower situation once again unbearable. Hopefully Planet Music again next time ;) Sauna Club sounds nice, but blue lights in the window? Oh oh. Shopping trip in Vienna. Need new batteries. Escape club might be nice, though, but five bands are too much for a venue that only offers room for a few people backstage. Sound equipment is funny (cute mixing desk), but nevertheless Mario manages to deliver a nice sound again.


Day 6:

Ash: Munich – backstage is huge! Training. Drinking. Trying to find a way to the stage. My family comes to the show. Thanks for all the support over the years! Great show with a strange crowd. Drugs and beers! Fans from Russia and Romania?! Hairy toilets…wtf?! STEEL PANTHER!!!

Sath: Damn labyrinth. First time here, three different stages, and lots of closed doors and hidden entrances. Awesome catering, nice show. Thanks Munich!


Day 7:

Ash: We arrived in Pratteln. 2 Erotic Megastores and a location for 1500 metalheads? Great! Traininng. Awesome showers, catering and club! Great sound and great crowd, though not 1500. Weed, beers, strange videoclips. Planning our new partycore band. Signed a hoodie…damn, no boobie…PARTYBUS, ELECTROSHOCK!!! Let’s all get naked in the bus? – OK!

Sath: One of the most awesome clubs in Europe. Funny fans. And finally a washing machine, well needed by lots of us. Awesome crew, nice gig on a cool stage. Pratteln simply remains one of the best locations.

Day 8:


Ash: Sickburg! Small but nice club and awesome showers in the wellness center above the location. Nice people, nice girls. Let’s jump over the fence! Yeah, alive! Bus leaves at 5?! OK, time for Vodka, Beers and Jaegermeister…can u please drive us to the gas station? Great! Party till 4 – Partycore band with Udo and Daniel gets more concrete - Darkness!

Sath: Nice club with an interesting vibe. Good catering.

Day 9:

Ash: …

Sath: Rostock, Alte Zuckerfabrik. Reminded Graveworm and us of our good old tour location favourite from 1999, Lüttewitz. No showers, 1 small backstage room for all, toilet can’t be locked. Rock’n’Roll. Plus, audience seems to be sleepy as it’s common that the first band starts somewhere in the middle of the night. A night to remember, but a location to forget.


Day 10:

Ash: After a hangover and lots of IDK we seem to be in Erfurt now. Good location and awesome fans here. Natalia came all the way from Heidelberg – thanks again! Good show and sound! One more song? OK! Party. Alcohol. Hungry…let’s jump to Burger King with 15 people. Penguin. Police. PARTYBUS!!!


Sath: Cool stage & venue. Catering- well, whatever. Burger King rules.


Day 11:

Ash: Last show in Rotterdam in the afternoon?! Why not, so I can start drinking more early. Good club. Horrible showers, but one of the best shows we had on this tour! Suddenly Graveworm playin’ “See no Future” and there are bananas, superheroes and soldiers on stage! Gangnam – Graveworm – Style! Kadavrik left us a present… man… was fucking wasted!

Thanks again for this awesome tour! It was too short and we need to do it again!

Thanks to Graveworm and Fabio, Emergency Gate, Kadavrik and Sam, Contrast, Busdriver Mo, Nici and Rob (Heavyspace), Natalia Kempin and especially our fans!

Sath: Déja Vu in Rotterdam. Been a while since we played Baroeg last time. Cool club, but why is the shower directly next to the garbage cans? Well, cool gig and nice “aftershow”-party. Thanks to all who were involved, especially Anton and Mario who put a lot of effort into the whole tour.



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