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Upcoming gigs April/May

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Upcoming gigs!

Some good and bad news regarding our upcoming shows...

First, some good news, these gigs have been confirmed recently:

02.05.2014 - Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal (+Atrocity, Leaves Eyes)
03.05.2014 - Mainz, Q-Kaff (+Morok, Astaroth, Steingrab)

Besides, we’re very sad to announce that the previously scheduled gig for Bucharest on Friday finally won’t take place. There were attempts to postpone/move it to another day, but it wasn’t possible in the end.
We don’t yet know the full circumstances behind it and why it didn’t work out... rest assured, we’re personally very disappointed that especially the gig in Bucharest won’t take place. We do have fond memories of Bucharest, having been able to visit this city multiple times since the recording of Higher Art Of Rebellion there, back in 1999.

BUT, at least we can assure that the gigs in Brasov and Sofia/Bulgaria will take place, together with Netherbird and Withershin.

12.04.2014 - Brasov, Club Rockstadt, Romania
13.04.2014 - Sofia, 8 Ball, Bulgaria 

As we'll nevertheless travel to Bucharest, we'd like to invite all fans to a meet and greet on Friday at the Private Hell Club. So people wanting to “party” (well, under these circumstances...) with us, let's have a drink together.

So, please don’t be too disappointed about the cancellation of Bucharest’s show- we hope there’s a possibility to return soon under better circumstances. And we hope to see as many of you guys at the show in Brasov (and perhaps Sofia, where it might suit you). Please spread the word.
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