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Update: Recordings are going well at the Kohlekeller Studio! Till just laid down the bass tracks for some songs.
Great new tunes will be coming up shortly… well, speaking of shortly: The release date for IN DARKNESS has been set. Mark the 28th of June in your calendar! Repeat: 28.06.2013!
Cover artwork will be revealed soon.

Besides, a new gig has been announced: We’ll headline „Schlachtfest XI“ which will take place in Aurich, Germany. Our first in Gig in this northern part of Germany since Wacken Rocks Seaside in 2009, if we’re not mistaken… of course, we’ll start looking for more gigs shortly. So if you’re a promoter and would like to make an offer we can’t refuse, get in touch! (Through Facebook or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

More news shortly!


12th February:

And so it begins... Recordings have started.


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