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Gig postponed, new gigs announced

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Time for some news!

First the bad news; sadly the gig which was supposed to take place in Istanbul/Turkey the 5th of March is postponed. It’s not cancelled, but will be postponed to October, due to various reasons. We were looking forward to playing there, but the circumstances did not allow a proper organisation, so we agreed with the organizer that this gig will be held in October instead. Further news once we have them!

Besides, we would like to remind that we’ll play a nice, tiny club-gig in our “Hometown” Mainz at the Caveau-Club, the 17th of March.

Also we have another festival confirmed for the summer: We’ll be headlining the 2nd Monster Metal Meeting which takes place in Gronau (near the dutch border). This takes place the 30.07.

Besides, we’re mainly working on our upcoming album of course- more news shortly.

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