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Welcome to our website!

First of all, we’d like to announce that we parted ways with our guitarist Jan, due to musical and personal differences.

But we already can reveal our new guitar player: Please welcome Thilo Feucht!

He’s no unknown musician to our fans, you will know him from various contributions and guest appearances he had on CHAPTER III and SERPENT’S EMBRACE, back then under the nick name of Azrael.

He did also join us on stage several times in the past since CHAPTER III, and already for our last recent gigs we had in Austria and Germany the past weekends.

We’re proud that he joined our ranks as full member now, and look forward to working on our 6th album together.

Thilo Feucht

Speaking of it, for which we can announce the working title IN DARKNESS...
it will be a step back to our roots, girls and boys!

A studio date is scheduled for early 2011. More news to come soon.

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