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No sleep till Bucuresti?

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Hey guys,

sorry for not having any news during the past days, but there’s mostly been a lot of stress...

As our romanian fans might already have recognized, the festival at Bucuresti didn’t take place today- this was a huge disappointment for the band and myself personally (especially after the cancellation of the festival that was supposed to take place at Fetesti), as I was quite sure this gig would be 100% safe. But instead, no news from the organizer or even a reply to our questions- that’s how things can happen I suppose. But it shouldn't be that way- and still, it’s quite frustrating as we’ve been looking forward to see our romanian friends again. Well, still being sad about it, there’s at least the good news that we’ll be going to Romania in summer 2010- that's a fact. We’ll keep you posted...


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