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Wacken, Romania and Nachtwache Festival

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Hi guys,

time for some news!

First of all, as you should already know, we’ll be playing this weekend at Wacken Rocks South (Saturday) and Wacken Rocks Seaside (Sunday). If you’re going there (and who’d miss the only german open air shows of Slayer, not to speak of other cool bands such as Volbeat?), be sure not to miss our shows.

Now, some good news for our romanian friends. Rock City Festival was not fully cancelled, but postponed and will take place in another form (at Romania’s capitol Bucharest) with a different billing under the banner of „Bucharest Metal Meeting“. Most important: We’ll be there, amongst bands such as Lake Of Tears, Mayhem, Primordial etc., so check your calendar and mark Saturday, the 10th of October! We’ll inform you about further news concerning this festival soon.

Then, on to sad news: We won’t play at the Nachtwache Festival, which was scheduled for the 12th of September. On Tuesday, we received info that we’ve been dropped off the bill due to „low pre-sales“ and that the organizer doesn’t want to risk investing the money. Though we don’t understand why they decide to inform us that late, 2 weeks prior to the gig, we also wonder if the whole festival is cancelled or just our participation, as they still advertise with our name and didn’t respond yet to our mails. So, if you planned to go there because of Agathodaimon, simply don’t, we won’t be there.

Instead, check out our other gigs in September, at the JUZ Hängematte in Sulzbach-Rosenberg (25.09.) and the Eternal Frost Festival IV, in Naila, 26.09., which is organized by our friends of Cryptic Wintermoon who’ll have their album release party there as well. Be there, it will be fun!

Further info about those gigs can be found here:

Also thanks to our Czech friends who made the show at Brutal Assault Festival worthwile, of course a special thanks to organizer Tomas for the last-minute invitation..

More news to come soon!

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